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STO, an acronym of A Plus Express, is an international express group with head offices based in Shanghai and Taipei. STO links mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and has expanded over 400 branches. The London branch provides UK next day delivery service as well. STO guarantees the service to almost all nations over the world.

Then why need and choose STO? As we offer you a flexible and high quality service that can meet you different types of requests. We offer you a competitive price with the most effective and reliable delivery process. Because we collect and deliver door to door goods provided by our friendly and patient employees. And all in all, as STOs slogan states Make every bit of our effort to exceed the customer satisfaction you want!

STOs core competence and high quality service lie its large investment on setting an STO-MIS system so as to manage delivery process in a more effective way. STO also steps the footprint to E-business. STO-MIS system supports the operation of shipping process, the group management. All the transactions on this system meet the accounting rules of IATA. Customers could use the quote number to track and trace the goods delivery process on STOs website. STOs service is consistent, transparent with high quality. Therefore, STO wins its popularity in the sector and gains the positive feedback and high compliment by many well known global enterprises.

The broad range of services, the customer-focused positioning and a continuous innovative approach to distribution and logistics solution consist of STO. It is the ideal business partner to provide efficiency service in distributions of different sized goods for potential company.

We are right here waiting to serve A Plus service for you and your co-operators!


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